torstai 21. huhtikuuta 2011

The winner...

I draw the winner of my giveaway this morning. The winner is.... Eve. Congratulatios!

Eve, I will send you an email. Thank you for participation. It was so nice to read your lovely messages. Perhaps we will have a new giveaway some day :)

Wellcome new followers too! It's wonderful see you here, hope you enjoy!

torstai 7. huhtikuuta 2011

My first giveaway

I have already 128 followers. It's amazing. I really can't believe my eyes. I'm very happy of your nice comments too. I think it's time to wellcome you all and have a liitle party. I have made a pair of white figure skates for one of you. Yes, I know there is no ice anymore but hopefully you need them in future ;D

Everything you need to do is to leave a comment for me in this post. Of course I hope you are a follower. Please, feel free to add a link on your blog too. I tell you the winner on 20. April. Congratulations!

lauantai 2. huhtikuuta 2011

High heel shoes

We made high heel shoes like this with 17 lovely woman (and a man) today. I was as a "teacher" on a workshop. Anyway I had much enough time to make a pair for myself too.